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Speaking through a cold heart...{Completed} {Under Editing}

Speaking through a cold heart...{Completed} {Under Editing}

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Welcome Peeps! By Sociopathic_TimeLady Completed

You haven't talked since you were 5 due to the fact that you lost your mother. The one person who truly cared for you gone with the unplug of a cord. I mean your mother was sick for a long time, but you were too young to understand what was really happening. Your father tried he really did, but you just couldn't speak, nor did you really want to. Though what happens when you meet a cold hearted boy who turns into a softie for just you. Will he help you speak again or will he be another person to crash and burn...

ermergurd i have heterochromia too blue and green hard to tell the difference though
Daughter_of_the_Gods Daughter_of_the_Gods Nov 23, 2016
This is a human one!? I don't read these, but I'll give it a shot...
TriggerHappyHatter TriggerHappyHatter May 24, 2016
He reminds me of FNAF Vincent and then since Ciel has two different eyes he reminded me of Ciel.
NeoTheOtaku NeoTheOtaku Feb 20, 2016
Am I the only one who thought of the yellow monster kid from Undertale?
I only talk with my friends IRL, but I'm almost full on mute
NutEllaCraVinGz NutEllaCraVinGz Sep 12, 2016
Breh r they gonna be human form the whole story and also RAAPPPHHH UR SOOO BUUFFF😍😘😍😘😒😘😘😙😏😏😪😪😪😻😻