With the Howling Winds

With the Howling Winds

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haiz By haizy_ Updated Nov 17, 2017

I could hear him from miles away. I could feel his large paws hitting the ground sends vibrations towards me. I could feel the squishy mub between my toes. His load roars towards me and his unliking to my defiance. 

Then it all stopped. 
The birds stopped chirping. 
His paws stops beating on the floor.
His growling stopped.
The only sound heard was my heavy breathing and the mud being squished with my running. 

I turned around, while running, to see why he stopped, only to run into a soft, muscular, furry wall. Fear pulsed through my veins and he picked me up with his huge paw. Being sure not to squish me, bringing me close to his face giving me a slow smile, showing his large teeth, growling at me, as we began walking towards the place i was running from.

The Lycans bedroom.

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tvishis tvishis Aug 31, 2017
Ehhhh.....? I have no good reply to this. And I feel like I've read this bfore
AKA_EV AKA_EV Aug 08, 2017
Why is there a stranger with them?  Nobody said who he is or why he's there.
sofi3133 sofi3133 Dec 27, 2017
Thank you so much I already like where this is going 👏🙌🙏👌
_wolf_love _wolf_love Aug 04, 2017
They are hiding Bertha under the table, who's hand do you think touched you're thigh
Aiannamilz Aiannamilz Nov 17, 2017
Honey, wake up and smell the cum, you jus got sold💀💀💲💲💵💸
_crazzy_ _crazzy_ Jan 22
🤦🏾‍♀️ almost made me curse in front of my mom 🤬😡