Dark Minds and Death Chimes

Dark Minds and Death Chimes

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she/her; INFP; aries By oumamis Updated Aug 13

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( do you ever feel stupid for being extreme over something? like that time you felt betrayed over something that wasn't major or the one occasion you felt passionate over something seemingly trivial? it's completely normal. but those who take it beyond the extreme are the only ones who are able to unlock what lies ahead. )

When his twin sister Mabel's hand slips off of the shutdown button, Dipper feels betrayed. When his great-uncle spills the words "my brother" out of his mouth, Dipper feels betrayed. When the author of the three journals he had been researching all summer gives him the cold shoulder, Dipper feels betrayed. Only one man-- one demon-- can help him deal with that utter betrayal. 

DISCONTINUED ie why do nyall still read this trash

Gaster_Girl Gaster_Girl Aug 13
aww man I was hoping for a chapter. I am really loving this but plz update soon!
ColorMeJian ColorMeJian Jun 21
I wish it was only 12:26 😂 it's 4 rn and I have to wake up at 7 for training at the gym but here I am
Before I even read this... su name... undertale pro. pic... and gf fanfiction 
                              Omg. All my favourite fandoms :D
Gaster_Girl Gaster_Girl Dec 03, 2015
ya know sometimes i just wish that gideon wasn't in jail at the time ford came to their dimension.
Snillow Snillow Oct 03, 2015
Tock_Camo_Goldie Tock_Camo_Goldie Aug 30, 2015
Your writing is much better than the description! You should definitely keep going!