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Noiz x male crossdressing reader AU

Noiz x male crossdressing reader AU

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Fuyuni By Fuyuni Updated Aug 31, 2016

Because of a little mistake of your parents you have to act and look like a girl in school now.  There you met Noiz and a bunch of other people. How will you deal with it?

Warning: This story will definetely contain some sexual acts because the author felt like it (yup me) so therefore if you can not handle it, save yourself and leave this story behind without looking back. You have been warned.

Picture I used as a  reference for the cover:

Fandom_Trash614 Fandom_Trash614 Sep 01, 2016
Completely destroy the other team and accidental cute stuff with Noiz
ShapeShifter8745 ShapeShifter8745 Apr 06, 2016
Wait........did the teacher suddenly change gender or is that another stupid miss type that happens when you're writing on a phone???
Teen_Symptoms Teen_Symptoms Sep 21, 2016
Uhm, quick! Think of one of those stereotypical rude names! Uh, uh, Jessica. Yea
kawaii0anime0kitten kawaii0anime0kitten Feb 28, 2016
Somehow this statement reminds me of fruits basket with yuki's fans
ShapeShifter8745 ShapeShifter8745 Apr 06, 2016
Looks like I missed alot while stuck traveling through different dimensions. @Fuyuni how have you been gurl!!!
We are number one but not everyone is replaced with yaoi moan's. (YT references)