While The Rest of The World Was Sleeping

While The Rest of The World Was Sleeping

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EyesWithStories By EyesWithStories Updated Jul 24, 2016

Mila Viletti was nothing extraordinary, but she was far from the usual. 5'7, Italian and Greek background, with a beautiful petite figure and long dark hair to her mid back - sure her features screamed "foreign" but she was a California girl at heart! Her life was perfect enough for her liking until the only man she ever loved, walked out the door for good. 

He was her everything. She was a virgin at 20 years old before giving herself to him, and she thought she did everything right. Nothing else mattered as much as he did and now he was gone. 

An unexpected heartbreak causes her to fall into the deepest depression she's ever known all thanks to a disgusting, lying prick named Mike Walls. 

Luckily, she still had Matt Doyle by her side being the best of best friends anyone could ask for. One might wonder just why he was so good to her? 

A random dinner night out, forced by Matt, turns into more than dinner when she realizes her waiter is a dream boat. Cooper Rawling stood in front of her at 6'6 with chiseled arms, a lean body, deep seductive eyes, a crazy sexy smile, and an ever so charming deep voice. He was everything a broken-hearted girl should run from and maybe she should have. 

What happens when Mila gets dared by Matt to leave her number on the receipt with a flirty message? Well I can tell you this much... 

Thanks for reading! :) 
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SqueltchYourself SqueltchYourself Sep 20, 2016
Hi, welcome to Chili's (sorry but that's all I've  been thinking about)
bigbaebaebae bigbaebaebae Jan 09, 2017
I think once in my life I was like her 😂😂😂😂 and i don't want to be like that ever again.love it dear author so many things happened in just 1 chap and i had to check what chap I'm at only to find out I'm still in chap 1.nice one
Onew_is_Mine Onew_is_Mine Feb 03, 2016
Is that the song by that guy Elliott Yamin?! I love that song!!
kraftygal kraftygal Aug 13, 2015
Very nice! Your descriptions of Cooper (glad it's not Matt anymore) were wonderful and the sparks between the two was definitely felt.
                              I liked the walking and getting to know you part and the planning for the next evening was spot on. Good job!
grungelookingflower grungelookingflower Aug 13, 2015
I loved the end part! Be careful with some spelling. other than that,I'm excited about this Cooper. He seems hella attractive and they've both been through the same thing.
grungelookingflower grungelookingflower Aug 13, 2015
When it's exclamation/question marks,one is usually enough. :)