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Fandom Headcanons

Fandom Headcanons

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Call me by whatever floobs your boobs. By HarryPotterFreak7 Completed

Headcanons of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Artemis Fowl, The Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Divergent, Sherlock and books written by John Green. I don't own any characters and I am not plagiarising (at least intentionally, I don't know many legal boundaries). These are a work of pure imagination based on characters, plots or scenes of books I have read or TV shows I have watched. Quite a few of these are original, but I have borrowed a few from Tumblr.

Fair warning: I aim for your feels.

But they'd be cousins. 
                              The black sisters and Sirius were cousins.
                              Tonks is one of their daughters. 
                              But they'd be related
- - Jun 17, 2016
cousins not brothers but I'm crying uncontrollably anyway😭
QueenofOTPS QueenofOTPS Apr 22, 2016
First off the FEELS DANG IT! Second where did you find the cover for the book? Did you make it or something cause I want it for my lock screen cause it's basically almost all my major fandoms.
GrangerGirl231 GrangerGirl231 Aug 01, 2016
And then Tonks said she loves it, and then morphs her hair color to match the color of the ring
KawaiiUsa-Chan KawaiiUsa-Chan Mar 13, 2015
well they wouldn't have been brothers, but it's still adorable <3
MeWantCandy MeWantCandy Oct 08, 2014
@AryaWitchbane16 I remember tears streaming down your face when you told your OTP "Don't die"