Next Generation of Harry Potter- Time Trouble!

Next Generation of Harry Potter- Time Trouble!

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"Ouch! That's my foot!"
Life is great! Just great!

Me and my lovely fiancé, Victorie Weaseley (soon to be Lupin) sat (more like snuggled) on the arm chair in front of the fire. I soon hear giggling. No it did not come Vic but from-
"Harry! Ginny! Um...we...uh..we were just-" I say trying to make up an excuse.
"Oh Uncle Harry! Auntie Ginny! We were err... Just... Um... Catching up on things. Weren't we Teddy!" Vic says stammering herself.
"Teddy-" Harry starts ignoring the awkwardness of the situation and says, "Ginny and I will be heading for the Malfoy family's dinner pretty soon. Please make sure no one gets hurt. Like you know all of the Weaseley children will be here. Make sure NO ONE goes into my study."
"Especially Fred and James." Ginny adds. Harry then says- "Goodbye children! Have fun!"
We hear responses "Yes dad/uncle Harry"  from behind me. 
"You guys were watching us all this time!" Vic says looking at...

Go read the chapter in The Last Olympian called 'Pigs Fly', then show it to Lily, and say that she has to go out with you now, because pigs have flown!
I haven't even finished reading the pharagraph I saw the name Amos and was like
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