The Innocent ▷ Stilinski

The Innocent ▷ Stilinski

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Sage | HIATUS By slayingsince09 Completed


Stessa McCall, a girl totally oblivious to the supernatural world and her werewolf brother, soon starts falling for her brothers best friend. 

Complicated feelings given off between the two but will they survive their own civil war?

↫Disclaimer: I do not own teen wolf, nor do I own it's plot lines. just Stessa McCall↬

imsoxc imsoxc Mar 03, 2016
Already loving this. So many fics say it's the first day of the year and it urks me. Thank you!!!
i_love_a_lot i_love_a_lot Jan 02, 2016
Something big
                              I feel it happening 
                              Out of my control
                              Pushing pulling and it's grabbing me
                              Feel it in my bones like 
                              Oh oh oh oh oh 
                              Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
                              Something big
-dammitsammy -dammitsammy Nov 25, 2015
                              BLOODY IS NEWTS WORD
                              he can't say it anymore though
                              to soon ?