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Hills Asylum (Kellin Quinn) ✔️

Hills Asylum (Kellin Quinn) ✔️

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Mouse By LexusRat Completed

Kellin Quinn just graduated from university with a psych major. During his time at uni he read a lot about madness and the workings of the mind. This interest of his lead him to work at Hills Asylum.

Emilia Grace is a patient at Hills Asylum. She is a pretty cheery girl most of the time and loves to play piano. But things aren't right in this asylum, and she knows it. 

Kellin is intrigued by the girl, but the longer he stays, the weirder things get. The question is; who is the real crazy one?

I'd take my gun and knife my boots my guitar and some cash and hightail it outta there
this is a movie based on a movie, isn't it? i have seen the first few minutes of it, then I got bored xD
Convenient Ma'am. Saves you time on getting up early to travel there AND saved up on money for gas if you have a car or money for public trasport
I couldn't help but giggle at your mention of logic in an asylum Ma'am, nice one hihi
It's such a dangerous word though Ma'am... "madness" just like "crazy"and "normal" define normal, define crazy, define madness. what's normal for me might be complete madness to my neighbor and we're talking about 2 people here, let alone if you're talking about society in general
Ma'am, once again I applaud your creativity. How do you make this stuff up? Friggen genius!