Spellbinders Secret

Spellbinders Secret

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Scarlet Rose By Scarlets_and_Roses Updated Mar 31, 2016

Welcome to Celestia, the realm of the Spellbinders, and it's many countries. 

Ella is a Spellbinder who has been a member of The Resistance for almost as long as she can remember, and while she may only be 16, she's their strongest warrior. Times are hard for the Resistance. The Cursed Ones they fight everyday to keep both Celestia and Earth safe have recently tried to assassinate the Prince of Emerald. The reason behind the attack is still unclear, especially since the prince is lazy and arrogant. Ella is sent in to be the Prince's Protector. She's supposed to keep him safe and ensure he acts responsibly. 

At first, Ella is thrilled. She has always wanted to be recognised by the King and Queen of Emerald, who've been her childhood heroes ever since she was eight years old, but is very quickly put off by the young Prince's behaviour. He's rude, ignorant and proud, and Ella can't stand him. 

As time passes Ella and Prince Callum of Emerald, unravel the truth behind the failed assassination, and what they find is truly shocking. For Ella, it brings back memories of something that has scarred her for life. She's not what she seems, and neither is her past. No one knows the whole truth about her, and she likes it that way. 

But the Cursed need her for their plan to succeed, and Callum becomes curious about his mysterious Protector. What is Ella so desperate to hide? And Why?

AnAspiringSoul AnAspiringSoul Mar 23, 2016
This is definitely a page-turner. I loved reading it! Good going! :-)
sealion55 sealion55 Oct 18, 2016
I love it so far. It keeps you hooked and shows amazing details as well as showing and not telling. But you could use a little tiny bit of work on grammar in one or two places and adding in a word or to so it makes more sense.
0WolfGirl0 0WolfGirl0 Oct 16, 2016
Wow, first chapter and I'm hooked. This is really good so far
BritnyStewart BritnyStewart Aug 20, 2016
Uhhhh..... Because all the cool kids are doing it... DUH!! Lmao
sealion55 sealion55 Oct 18, 2016
Again sorry if I sound mean but would it not be better grammar to say doesn't or does not? Just trying to be helpful not a jerk
sealion55 sealion55 Oct 18, 2016
Not trying to be mean but just as constructive criticism you forgot the word of I think in the first sentence.