Can You Keep A Secret? (BrotherxSister)

Can You Keep A Secret? (BrotherxSister)

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Rosalina By Xillze Updated Mar 28, 2013

*He pushed me against the wall until my back was hurting. I tried running, but he would grab me. He had a strong grip that always hurt my wrist. Bryan grabbed me and pulled me into my room. He pushed me on the bed and held me down. I felt his hands on my chest. He squeezed so hard that I yelled. No one was home but us so he didn't care. He went under my shirt and squeezed harder. I kicked him off of me.

Bryan grabbed and pulled my pants down, "You should stop struggling. This will be done soon."

"Bryan please don't do this. You always end up raping me and leave bruises. You say you love me, but why do you keep hitting me?" I said crying.

Bryan pulled his pants off. He forcefully grabbed my wrist and knocked me on the ground. I hated him. I wanted to be out of this relationship, but he would always threaten me. He would threaten me so much I was afraid to tell people what he does. The only person who knows is my brother, Jason. Bryan doesn't know Jason knows.

He tried pulling my underwear off, but I kept kicking him. After a while he slapped me twice. I tried running to the door, but he grabbed me again. I felt him rip my underwear off. Bryan brushed his package on my pleasure spot. He grabbed both my chest as he kissed my neck.

"Why do you struggle? We could have been done already." he said, entering me.

Stella has always lived a good life until she met a man name, Bryan. You would think this was going to be a love story, but it's not. Bryan knows nothing about love. He abuses Stella for his own pleasure and leaves bruises and cuts on her body. Stella can't tell anyone about the abusive relationship she is in or Bryan will continue abusing her much more. When she thinks nobody can tell her she finds out her brother can. She soon starts developing un-natural feelings for him. Will everything change or will she be abused to her limit?

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MrsBennettFrazier MrsBennettFrazier Jul 26, 2016
Lol, how do you get cuts on your neck?! What did he do to her to have that happen?
EliciaMorris EliciaMorris Dec 15, 2015
Gosh, this book is interesting and yet scary at the same time