MiniCat One Shots

MiniCat One Shots

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Karyll By VanossGamingCrewFan Updated Aug 23, 2015

Cause OTP and I can. <3 <3

They can get depressing though

Credits to the artist

*smiles to big*ha ha ha
                              Me:ahahahahahaa oh error~
                              Me:your both dead like Evan
                              Me:*shoots them both*ahahahahahaa death is so fofilling~♡
Blood is Red
                              Bruises are Blue
                              If you dare hurt Craig 
                              I'll murder you
I sat there for a few seconds and wondered why I wasn't crying then I felt tears on my hands
Chara,purple guy,flowey,genocide frisk,flowers possession sans I have a job for you
Evan, baby, I love you and all, but you're making mistakes that you'll regret because of me because I love Craig too
Marcel, if one more hurtful word comes outta that filthy mouth of yours, I will drain your blood and watch you scream, cry out, and fear me and I'll LAUGH