Confessions of a Modern U'Makoti (BWWM)

Confessions of a Modern U'Makoti (BWWM)

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When it comes to relationships, Thati Letsie had failed, multiple times. And after a self promise to stay away from the opposite sex, she finds herself drawn to one with a particular quirk. With her family and their proud Sepedi heritage weighing on one side and her adopted western culture on the other. Thati tries to juggle both by becoming a modern u'Makoti. 

"Hi..." I waved awkwardly.  

He smiled, "Hi..." He had a hint of laughter in his voice. 

"So just one question... Did we screw or did your break in or like, is this some hangover fantasy?"  

  U'Makoti - A traditional South African bride.

islandrain islandrain Aug 12, 2016
Lol spoken like a true african 😂😂😂 in the caribbean das all it does ever be about, jucking board abs 😂😂😂
CocoTina CocoTina Oct 08, 2016
It's so weird to read afrikaans when you understand dutch. The grammar makes me cringe 😂
hey_its_oriealla hey_its_oriealla Sep 14, 2016
My name!!!! I'm so flattered. Her full full name is Onthatile right?
hey_its_oriealla hey_its_oriealla Sep 14, 2016
The difference is I'm Sotho were not that far!!!!!  Aih ya yayi . this is getting wired now
nikkolai050285 nikkolai050285 Sep 15, 2016
just discovered this book and I love it.....amazing...ka chapter ya mathomo fela and I'm hooked
jasminelaas jasminelaas Sep 17, 2016
Wow i love this boook its so amazing ,hip and fresh and its a story of modern makotis