The Alsina Legacy (My King Sequel)

The Alsina Legacy (My King Sequel)

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Wassup y'all let me just give y'all a quick update on everything that happened in the last month and a half I know y'all like what the hell done happened y'all was just celebrated what gender the baby is with everyone well this is what happened. 

2 weeks after the baby gender reveal party 

"I was out with Chris, Rihanna, Chyna and Tyga we had went to the strip club we was drinking laughing and joking around and these females walked up to us Rih and Chy put the other two in check and they backed away the other one started asking me questions I was faded so I started entertaining her Rih and Chy called Tae and told her to come and pick me up I didn't know that someone took pictures of me and ole girl when Tae arrived she seen ole girl sitting in my lap and y'all know she went off on both of our asses."

"Really Aug you said that you, Rih, Chris, and Tyga was gon come to the strip club you wasn't gon have to much to drink you was gon keep your hands to yourself," I staye...

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shaneqwa shaneqwa Jul 05
Aaaaaaewwww so sweet and romantic,  I'm glad they back together..😍😍😘😘😗😗🤗🤗🤗
makenna216 makenna216 Apr 27, 2016
20 mins that is so un realistic  fight barely last for 5 mins
QueenzJ QueenzJ Nov 06, 2015
1 1/2mths & Tae duckin August like he the church ppl coming to the door.
                              So THOT NATION THOT is working with Kayla ex huh. SMDH. These fools won't stop.
                              August proposed again to sweet.
                              Peace. One Love. J.
QueenzJ QueenzJ Nov 06, 2015
I thought the baby name was Adrianna? Or is it changed to Alexandria?
                              Peace. One Love. J.
QueenzJ QueenzJ Nov 06, 2015
WTF!! How this THOT NATION THOT get in the house?
                              August yo AZZ better not of cheated on Tae??
                              Peace. One Love. J.