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How did you get here? [Sasuke x Reader]

How did you get here? [Sasuke x Reader]

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Uchiha Goddess By theanomini Updated Jun 13, 2016

It was just another day when suddenly, you open your front door to find your favorite Naruto character; Sasuke Uchiha? You can't believe you own eyes...

snow_1eopard snow_1eopard Aug 18, 2016
It's like there is a million naruto posters everywhere.... lol
Heichous_Demon_Wife Heichous_Demon_Wife Nov 25, 2016
Sasuke: who are you
                              me: your worst nightmare
                              sasuke: i already when through that 
                              me: well bitch this will be the wrost it will get
xXKitty36Xx xXKitty36Xx Feb 21
                              I LOVE YOU!
                              BOOIIIIII THIS IS MY.BED!!
                              YOUR SLEEPING WITH ME!
One episode than I go to bed
                              *6 hours later*
                              Oh I watched the whole season and it's 5 minutes till school oh well meant as well rewatch the show
xXKitty36Xx xXKitty36Xx Feb 21
*soon he finds out the truth and he starts chasing me*
                              IM SORRRYYYY!!!
                              Sasuke: *tackles me on the floor*
                              *drags me by the feet*
svtmoonlight svtmoonlight Mar 08, 2016
Bish whet? Isn't that MY bed?! (Btw I love this story, you're and awesome writer)