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Falling for You

Falling for You

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J By benaddictcumberbae Updated Feb 14

Tyler had never fallen on stage before. Until now.

Josh don't think that way! *slaps josh in line for a meet in greet* Josh: what was that for? Me: Im reading a story.... im just gonna... Ryan Ross...
                              Brendon in the back: Shut up! *starts running after me to tackle me* Me: I'm Sorryyyyy!!!!
Oh god.... extra loopy.... Just imagine "heyyyyy Jish.... where am i? Ohhhh....... Unicorns! hahah"
Shipz4Dayzzz Shipz4Dayzzz 5 days ago
wow he almost died but your concerned about the damned shirt
wait wha?! he is gay?!? wheres Jenna?!? Josh help this poor loopy, drunk man...
BlackFox04 BlackFox04 Feb 15
well that's a god damn start if I've ever seen one. (remember when they cut off him mic because he climbed too high)
BlackFox04 BlackFox04 Feb 15
Your best friend just suffered a 40 ft drop to a stage and your biggest concern is how he'll feel about his fuçkíng shirt being ruined. #bestfriendgoals