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Rido was finally killed. Peace was brought back and "everyone" was happy...The Kuran couple was planning for marriage, but what about Zero. Will he finally have the happiness that he deserves or will it be the painful sorrow?


⚠WARNING ⚠- There will be...
Rape/Noncon, Mpreg, Character death, Swearing, Bullying, Grammer Error, and OOCNESS (My first fanfic, I have ever written)

If you don't like any of this, then this fanfic isn't for you.  And I would advise you to leave. (°∀°)b

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Forget Yuki
                              Vampire Knight is about this HOT vampire named Kaname and this other HOT Vampire Hunter named Zero.
                              There is NOBODY named Yuki
No one cares about you yuki stfu before I bust a cap in your head *gets cannaon* ruuuun bish  ruuuuuuuun
nOrEgReAtS nOrEgReAtS Sep 01
Please shoot her and let her slowly bleed to death, Zero. Us fangirls and boys will not be upset at you in any way at all, al though Kaname might be triggered. Who cares about Kaname's feelings tho? Just do it! JUSTTT DO IT!
Damn, this is TOO deep.
                              THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID
nOrEgReAtS nOrEgReAtS Sep 01
Bish........I'm also short tempered when it comes to Zero~Senpai. SO FITE ME! FITE ME BRO!