Teach Me, Sir (Teacher-Student)

Teach Me, Sir (Teacher-Student)

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Brianna Baker, is one feisty girl who is far from perfect. She just turned eighteen and is starting her senior year. She hates everybody, the world, the school, and the teachers. She lives with her two older brothers, Dexter and Jasper. She has just transferred to a new school after something bad happened at her home town and no longer wants to be there. She promised herself to stay out of other students ways and hurry and get this year over with. 

Brianna soon learns that life doesn't always go the way you promise yourself it will go, because when she meets her new English teacher she knows her year is in for some trouble. 

Ian Black, is a hot twenty four year old young History teacher. He was ready for the new year to start and was ready to start his second year of teaching. He is sexy, smart, funny, mischievous, and secretive. He was determined to have a good year until he meets his match, Brianna. Her smart, witty, sexy personality is what attracts him to her. Yeah her body is hot and she is beautiful but he likes her sarcastic attitude the most. 
"Miss Baker, where is your homework?" he whispered in my ear, his hot breathing fanning against my warm skin. 

"I-I didn't do it" I stuttered out as I found my head rolling back, waiting for him to touch me. 

"Then I am just going to have to punish you, aren't I?" he kissed my neck causing me to moan softly. 

"Y-yes, Sir" I tried to say but it came out as a moan.

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Damn they got into that fast! I was thinking it would be a few chapters in.
JustLexz16 JustLexz16 May 31
Hi , I like how this story give interest to readers and I'm asking if u can update and add more chapters because I like this book , it really made my imaginations well Imagine ..
chicktopia chicktopia Sep 02
Yo even before I walk in I already get detention for cheating, fighting, talking back, or being 'nice'
My school starts at 7:30.....I have to wake up at 5:30....;(
Fvxk-off Fvxk-off Apr 07
Only time i look in mirror in morning is check if i have those eye boogers😂😂
Labbbbbso Labbbbbso Jun 04
well my school starts at 6:30 and ends at 4:30 in the afternoon so yall are lucky af