Black Butler Crack

Black Butler Crack

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ADementedFangirl By ADementedFangirl Updated 2 days ago

You heard the title! Everything from Ciel getting a cavity to Sebastian singing Wrecking Ball! Now, hold onto your shorts because this is going to be simply one hell of a Black Butler Crack series. ;)

Requests are open! PM me about them, though, because I'm more likely to respond! :)

Updated frequently (usually, every 2-6 days. However, I've gotten a bit busier, so expect delays).

WARNING: Contains frequent Hetalia, Attack On Titan, and SpongeBob references!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Black Butler characters or Black Butler, despite how much I want to. :3

Published August 10, 2015.

Warrior Cats,Best Series I Have Read,And I Feel Like Sebastian,TC I WILL JOIN YOU ANF FIGHT ALONG SIDE,MY FELLOW CLANMATES,Even If You Get GreanCough Or WhiteChough,We Will Fight For The Kits,Queens,And Elders,Shall StarClan Watch Us All And Protect Us,(I Am A Warrior Cat Freak,0-0')
Lou-Chan12 Lou-Chan12 Sep 05
I'd like to be in Thunderclan, too :3
                              I live for Warrior Cats :3
Ciel: 0-0 * raises hands and backs out* 
                              Ciel: FÜCK THIS SHET IM OUT
Ooo yeah I'm gonna read this tomorrow when I'm supposed to be doing homework bc who actually does that until the last possible second XD