The Broken Ice Rider (Eragon Fanfiction)

The Broken Ice Rider (Eragon Fanfiction)

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Shelby... By Shelbyzzz Updated Nov 23, 2017

Eilyia has had a terrible life, as of yet. She has been living it alone, in a wooded shack she made herself. Secluded in a hidden clearing near the Anora river and Carvahall, She has no family left. Her mother was a spy sent from Ellesméra to gather info on Morzan and Galbatorix. Yet her mother was paralyzed and raped by the one and only Morzan, one of the traitors, thus creating Eil.  To make  matters worse, Eilyia and her mother managed to escape for three years before they were found, only for her mother to die so Eilyia to escape. She did, running to multiple villages, begging for help, only to be turned away and out casted due to her father's very name. She was despised. So she made herself stronger, training under many teachers, interacting very little with others, rarely trusting, caring very little.
Until she stumbled  upon a white stone. 
A dragon egg. 
Follow Eilyia, her dragon, Brom, Eragon, Saphira, and others in this Eragon fanfiction.
I do not own anything from the series, all rights go to the wonderful Christopher Paolini. I only own the few characters I have created.

Additionally, I do not own Bianca or Nico. They are the creation of AylinAkinal. I asked her to make two characters for me as a reward for being practically my first supporter. Go check her and her Eragon Fanfictions out.

[MAY 1, 2017] 3.3k reads, 211 votes. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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CommentsByGalaxy CommentsByGalaxy Feb 01, 2016
Bianca and Nico, children of Hades, 72 years old but look like 14 year old. Bianca dead after joining hunters of Artemis. Nico went into a goth state. Now dating Will, son of Apollo. 
                              The Titans Curse - Rick Riordian
Shelbyzzz Shelbyzzz Sep 12, 2015
I make no promises lol, though I will be continuing the story when I can.
AylinAkinal AylinAkinal Sep 12, 2015
Of course you should continue! For a while I thought you forget about Eragon, happy to see he is in! And please, I'm begging you don't make Eragon and Eilly related!