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SHADOW OF THE NIGHTSHADE || Dick Grayson Fanfiction

SHADOW OF THE NIGHTSHADE || Dick Grayson Fanfiction

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Haem By Haexxeity Updated 4 days ago

Why do I wear gloves?
There are so many reasons, I can't remember them all.
I see their blood on my hands, the people I've killed
That's a reason.
- Shadow.

When you're kidnapped by the very people you were trained to kill, at least ONE of them should end up dead, or is there something I'm missing?.

- Director of the Foundation.

Who is Batman's archnemesis, the person who he's in constant conflict with?.

I can bet most of you said The Joker, you know, unless you don't know jack about DC and said something like I don't know, "Superman".

The reason you gave that answer is because The Dark Knight is "conveniently" forgetting about the thirteen year old and her gang that currently rule Gotham's streets.

But really, how could he forget, he sees it on the news every blessed day.

What a blow to his pride, can't even catch a little girl.

But what if all is not as it's seems,
Not everything is black or white, they're some greyish in betweens.

                        One assassin.

Kidnapped by the Justice League. -It was really just Batman and Robin.

                      Five Sidekicks- Don't call them that to their face.

               One Mountain- It's just a Cave really.

      A whole lot of Angst- Teenagers.

What does this Mean?- No one Knows.


         Be prepared for






Possible Romance!!!.

                           Besides, what could go wrong?.

The way things are going.....


Book One Of The Quinque Annals series.


Cover by the amazing TheOneAndOnly541.

Thank you for stumbling unto and taking the time to read this description.

Hope you enjoy reading.
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NB: Pictures and Characters belong to their respective owners.

- - Nov 21, 2016
I 💖💖💖💖💖 this song. I'm so singing along. Oh wait I can't go that high. I'll sing it after in a lower pitch.
Phoenix500 Phoenix500 Aug 26, 2016
I love it but I have a question. Why don't you use quotations for the dialogue? You use '  instead of  "
SlayerBooks SlayerBooks Jul 29, 2016
I'm re - reading the book again, and to be honest, I actually liked this one better than the first one, but both were good in their own aspects.
                              ~ SlayerBooks
ChocolateUnikitty ChocolateUnikitty Aug 17, 2016
Omg I love this! And I just looked at the table of contents and was like wtf! 52 parts?! How?!
storyteller0714 storyteller0714 Oct 12, 2016
GodlessLostSoul GodlessLostSoul Nov 25, 2016
I love your writing it's really good.  And vomment that's really funny.  -Amber