Best.Night.Ever (Jeffree Star FanFiction)

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Jamie Mccutcheon By JamieMccutcheon Updated 2 years ago
Fan Fiction of a Jeffree Star love story
Omfg!!!! My real name is Lita!! When I read this I was like shocked. I have never seen my name in anything!!!
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it s fucking 5am now an im supposed to be asleep, this first chapter made me laugh sooo damn hard. im hearing water running so i fear someones awoken... XD
                                    plz note i am typing/reading on my kindle, so plz excuse any spelling errors
Haha hiyah lovelies dis story sounds cute maybe obsessed-fan-girl mode waz a bit ti much heehee I wuv it so far
A little strong on the obsessed fan thing but yeah I think this would turn out to be an excellent story