Maryanne uses drugs to ease the pain of her nightmares but what happens when those nightmares become reality again? She’s trying to rise above her past, maybe find love for the first time, do better, only to be held down by his heavy hands once more.  
    As Jensen tries to help her; a web of carefully placed lies are unraveled and wounds begin to heal when all hope might seem lost.  
    He doesn't judge her in the ways she expects, in a lot of ways Maryanne isn't prepared for what Jensen makes her feel or what happens when it all comes crumbing down.
Wow! this is different. The seemingly perfect girl's life is not as perfect as everyone thinks it is. I was also wondering how Jensen knew there was heroin in that needle. It was heart breaking to find out that it looked familiar because of his father ='(
I've been reading this story for a while, and I love it! Couldn't stop reading it when I started:)
I hope to see some new updates soon..I love this story and am anxious to find out what happens :)
Why didn't u complete it? I really liked the story soooooo exciting ! I wish youll complete it soon :)
Amazing start.  The description, title, and cover intrigued me, so I decided to give it a try.  Great job!  On to chapter 2... *voted*
Interesting.. Jen is rather pushy though.. It's his cousin's GIRLFRIEND.