The Silenced Speaker

The Silenced Speaker

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Anne Eryziel By 12Anne16 Updated Aug 02, 2015

Roxanne Taylor was the most powerful Speaker of Fate ever known, inheriting two Speakers' powers on the day of their simultaneous demise. One of the Speakers was her mother, who had silenced her with a promise. 

Thirteen years of life in the Palace of Elrtiv, immersed in its pageantry and luxuriance had not turned Roxanne into a spoiled princess; instead she had grown up to be a silenced Speaker, a powerful mage, a skillful swordsman, and a determined avenger.

[ Credits go to dear Garcia ( @ga_garcia ) for the intriguing title. ;) And thank you Darcy ( @likeadreamdrop) for the amazing cover~ ]

natsuriayuko natsuriayuko Jan 24, 2014
                              No matter how many times I've read this, I will never get tired of it. (uhh, I've lost count). 
                              I just discovered that my votes are counted again. hahah! Must be because of WPs continuous website changes I guess?
TheBlueCorundum TheBlueCorundum Dec 14, 2013
Captivated. That's what happened to me the moment I read that first sentence. I am finishing this in one day! Thank you in advance for a great read. <3
Beth_Ellis Beth_Ellis Aug 31, 2013
I love the description in this. This is intriguing from the first paragraph. I love how you describe Katheryne.
12Anne16 12Anne16 Apr 02, 2012
@sweetiepiepumpkinpoo I've been told of that before. :/
                              I've made too many references in the future to change it now. xD
                              Let's just pretend Selena did a good job at educating Roxy. (Y)
sweetiepiepumpkinpoo sweetiepiepumpkinpoo Apr 02, 2012
Hey! This is a pretty damn cool prologue, my only concern is that Roxanne is really quite young. Only two. Two year olds can be quite smart, but I'm not sure they can realise when one of the lives has died already....
12Anne16 12Anne16 Feb 14, 2012
@sweetiepiepumpkinpoo I... don't think I know you? 
                              @Kpop_icecream_44 xP Thank you~ I answered that questions yesterday. ^_^