Lucys Revenge

Lucys Revenge

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Jacinta Devika London By JacintaLondon Updated Oct 20, 2016

《Team natsu kicks lucy out but what they dont no is that she can beat all of them in a fight, will they bribe her back to fairy tail or would she remain at sabertooth and make a new beginning, if she does how would Lucy decide to have her Revenge?》

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leeaunna leeaunna Apr 04
Yah think.... Good job being a terrified little kid Rogue. I expected more from my dear Rogue-dono!
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SilviaStoll SilviaStoll May 28
what are you!? boys or men!?!?
                              girls are fearless!? men are weak!!
Fairylover101 Fairylover101 3 days ago
Hahahhaahah!* gasp for air* hahahahahahabahha! Aww that was pretty good😜😜😜😂😂😂😂 GO LUCY!
This is ironic because he just got burned even tho he is a fire dragon slayer ;-; <------ Natsu