Hawwy? [Drarry]

Hawwy? [Drarry]

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JanneTommoHoran By Janne_Peeters Updated Apr 05, 2016

I was aiming at the frog and shouted:

"subtraxerim utilium!"

Everything went in slow motion. Ron pushed Malfoy, who caught himself from falling right in front of my wand. At the horror of everyone, my spell hit him and he disappeared, his black robes in a pile on the ground. Professor McGonagall was the first to react after a shocked silence.

"I warned you about NOT hitting any students! Where is Mr. Malfoy, Potter?"

She was looking worried and I slowly made my way to the Slytherin's robes. I stopped myself when a little blond headed boy, not older than 2, stood up, clothes way too big around him, making him stumble forwards before he caught himself and asked in a confused tone:


Low key have a strong dislike for people who only date someone to prove a sexuality or to get away from one.
                              wait you saying Draco was an accident cause that's not nice
If it's used on a human then it turns them into a baby. -makes a sarcastic explosion noise- b*tch
there's only 15 students in eighth year...
                              harry 1
                              ron 2
                              hermione 3
                              seamus 4
                              dean 5
                              neville 6
                              parvati 7
                              anthony 8
                              micheal 9
                              padma 10
                              hannah 11
                              ernie 12
                              draco 13
                              pansy 14
                              blaise 15
                              If there are 16 students who is the other one????
_Books1031_ _Books1031_ May 05
Reminds me of the 'and then it happened' books which are very treasured memories from my childhood
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Shut yo gingery, freckly, nasty, infantile, nasty smelling hoe mouth, Ronald Billius Weasley.
                              The only person that this was meant to offend was Ronald.