Diet Book ( Malum )

Diet Book ( Malum )

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Zainab By Writeroftomorrow Completed

" its 12$" the brunet said and the pale boy nodded fiddling  in his pocket for money. 

" thanks" he said once being handed the cash needed. 

The boy smiled and looked up at the brunet as he was packing his book in a plastic bag. 

" you do know that you don't need this, right?" 

Or the one where Michael think he needs to lose weight and falls in love with Calum.


Idontwantthistoend Idontwantthistoend Oct 24, 2016
GET. IT. OUT. OUT. EWWWWWWWW*banging side of their head with palm**is straight*
closetlarrie closetlarrie Sep 07, 2016
idk michael probable won't do that for you bc he's lazy but still better than her so
closetlarrie closetlarrie Sep 07, 2016
I have a donut in my room rn bc my mom likes to make me eat breakfast so I told her I ate a donut before she woke up but actually I put one in a baggy and took it upstairs in case she noticed that there was the same amount as there was last night
Malum_CHIH Malum_CHIH Dec 31, 2016
Straight sex sucks coming from me the gayest slightly straight person ever and OH MY GOD CALUM WTF YOURE TOO INNOCENT
My mom bought a coat like that and it's the most extraneous and unnecessary thing ever.
BadBoySadBoy BadBoySadBoy Dec 26, 2016
Okay,good boy 
                              But Michael wouldn't get pregnant 
                              Unless its impreg or he's transgender