My Heart Beats For You #Wattys2016

My Heart Beats For You #Wattys2016

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"Go away." I shouted at him. He didn't love me anymore. I knew that very well. He is destroying me completely! Crazy? Yeah right!

"No I won't." He said and pulled me towards him. I tried to push him with my elbows against his chest but no avail.

His grip tightened even more and pulling me close to him. I stared at him. He did the same. And suddenly tears were streaming down my face. No!! I promised myself I wouldn't break infront of him. I cried even more. His forehead was now resting against mine.

"Shhh..." He said and put a finger on my lips. My eyes widened as I felt butterflies in my stomach. He wiped my tears away and leaned forward.

"Angel...." He murmured. His lips against my ear, sending shivers down my spine. 

The next second, he slammed his lips against mine.

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teenajor teenajor Nov 17
Why do I squeal every time I see Zayn in a non fanfiction story 🤔
Haha! I want falooda now. Don't's gonna be Ramadan soon so my mum will make it for me every iftaar
_habz_ _habz_ Nov 07
Gotta zayn.... But seriously tho I was enjoying this book until I found out they were cousins... 😭
That's my dad. Except he was in the air force and is a sheriff. At one time, a sex offender detective
Aren't they related? Like close cousins not even distant ....😳