Bullied by hayes grier

Bullied by hayes grier

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Beep beep beep... I woke up to my alarm going off... Ive been at this school for a month now and im already being bullied everyday....

The only reason we moved here was because my mom got a job offer... My dad died when i was little...

I recently met one of my moms close friends her name was Elisabeth floyd...

She was a wonderful woman almost like my second mom.... I call her momma liz for short...she says she has kids who go to my school but ive never met them...

I woke up and got for another day in hell...

Im not exactly ugly i just dont really try to look gorgeous.. Especially when i have no one to look good for...

I wore a pair of my american eagle jeans and a white sweater..i had on black vans and a brown leather backpack...

I walked downstairs to find my mom with her bags packed.. She had to go to Australia for 3 months and was leaving today..

"I love u have fun" i say

"I will dont do anything fun without me" she said kissing my forehead and leaving...

I grabbed my mint...

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tals971 tals971 Nov 23, 2017
Why do you end each sentence and or pharagraph with a ... Why can't you just use a period? Btw I still love your work
so he doesn’t want to ask why she’s covered with blue paint?????🤔🤔🤔🤔
1-800-savage-squad 1-800-savage-squad Nov 27, 2016
Me to all the teachers who blamed me when they knew it was someone😑😂
wheresthwmoney wheresthwmoney Apr 30, 2016
u have a collection of boards and were still standing here.. Lets go
                              hahahahahaha i laughed so hard
crazypringles2401 crazypringles2401 Feb 16, 2016
Loved this story..... Thumbs up to you for writing it........
Kenia_La Kenia_La Jul 09
i have like a billion boards I collect then I have a few supreme board there pretty cool I love all of them