Bullied by hayes grier

Bullied by hayes grier

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Beep beep beep... I woke up to my alarm going off... Ive been at this school for a month now and im already being bullied everyday....

The only reason we moved here was because my mom got a job offer... My dad died when i was little...

I recently met one of my moms close friends her name was Elisabeth floyd...

She was a wonderful woman almost like my second mom.... I call her momma liz for short...she says she has kids who go to my school but ive never met them...

I woke up and got for another day in hell...

Im not exactly ugly i just dont really try to look gorgeous.. Especially when i have no one to look good for...

I wore a pair of my american eagle jeans and a white sweater..i had on black vans and a brown leather backpack...

I walked downstairs to find my mom with her bags packed.. She had to go to Australia for 3 months and was leaving today..

"I love u have fun" i say

"I will dont do anything fun without me" she said kissing my forehead and leaving...

I grabbed my mint...

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only_live_for_finn only_live_for_finn Aug 20, 2017
Okay is this house like the Jonas Brothers does anyone remember that show
woohyun_is_cuteeee woohyun_is_cuteeee Aug 23, 2017
Ok our wedding will be the Sunday at 6. See ya Hamilton Nash Grier
tals971 tals971 Nov 23, 2017
Why do you end each sentence and or pharagraph with a ... Why can't you just use a period? Btw I still love your work
woohyun_is_cuteeee woohyun_is_cuteeee Aug 23, 2017
JJ!!!!!! JG!!!!!!!! TAY!!!!!!!! Now i love these book even more!!!!
1-800-savage-squad 1-800-savage-squad Nov 27, 2016
Me to all the teachers who blamed me when they knew it was someone😑😂
wheresthwmoney wheresthwmoney Apr 30, 2016
u have a collection of boards and were still standing here.. Lets go
                              hahahahahaha i laughed so hard