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Harry Potter The Real Magic Year 4 (Harry Potter X Reader)

Harry Potter The Real Magic Year 4 (Harry Potter X Reader)

44.6K Reads 1.8K Votes 12 Part Story
Shelby By Slinky-Dogg-1998 Completed

You and your sister Hermione return to Hogwarts for you fourth year little did any of you know that this year everything going to change. If you have read year 1,2, or 3 you may want to read them

Oooooookay? Cedric is flirting to y/n....... That I was not expecting...... But I like that he called y/n love, it's better than (in my opinion) babe or sweetheart........... Great now two handsome guy are after me book.... Oh well
Cedric: " I'm cedric diggory, what's your name, love?"
                              Me: Excuse me? I belong to Harry. XD
XxBlueMoonxX198 XxBlueMoonxX198 Aug 02, 2016
Woah Cedric was flirting 0-0 (Does he want me and does Harry want me too XD)
Cedric, u fine but i'm with Harry so im'a need for u to be cuter and sexier to make him jelly.. Wut? Ya'll thought I was gonna tell him to back off? 
                              *Thinks about it*   Nahhhhh!
SydneyBreanne04 SydneyBreanne04 Dec 19, 2016
I love it when Fred and Goerge did that, my fav part of the movie by far. And when they got turned into old men. (It was the only time they got to see each other old RIP
QueenCizik QueenCizik Jan 09
I would like for someone to call me love instead of sweetheart and babe