Im Not the One (A Ticci Toby x Reader fanfic)

Im Not the One (A Ticci Toby x Reader fanfic)

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Meadow Palmer By toxicblaze Updated Mar 13, 2016

(Lots of you have requested this so I hope you enjoy!!!) 

Keeping track of a house of 4 kids is difficult at your age, especially when both of your parents are out on vacation who knows where drinking who knows what. All they told you to do is watch the kids, and that was exactly what you were going to do. Summer was hot and boring doing the same thing everyday. One by One things started to change, and pretty soon you find yourself on the run with someone who you barely even know. Where will you go, what will you do? What horrible, or wonderful things may happen along the way? Read to find out!!!

"I'm not the one....who wants to hurt you....." ~Toby

"It made me feel like I belonged to someone, like I was at home whenever I was in their arms. Then I remembered....I was in the arms of a killer..." ~ Y/N

*I do not own the picture or the first quote, I hope you enjoy this fanfic!*

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kaythekat1 kaythekat1 Apr 10
LIKE A BOOSSSS!!!! Helll yeah!! Jacksepticeye everyone? Anyone ? Ok welll bye
1bluetwilight 1bluetwilight Oct 01, 2017
What?! These kids are better at getting girl/boy friends then me!
babstabb babstabb Jan 19
twerp410 twerp410 Oct 29, 2017
Lily is my little muffin (I had to spell Lily twice it autocorrected to lulu that is a sign 😱)
Tay8355 Tay8355 Mar 18
I have a HUGE questiin for ut conciderd insest (where to siblings date or have any other kind of relationship besides family or friends.) if your adopted and in no way related by blood?
Kaitrano Kaitrano Jan 24
I know it's a Toby fanfic, but I'm literally already shipping (Y/N) and Marcus.. 😇😰