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A Magcon Spanking Story [ON HOLD]

A Magcon Spanking Story [ON HOLD]

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Makaila21 By Makaila21 Updated Jun 20, 2016

"Bend over the bed." He demands as he unbuckled his belt and pulled it through the loops of his jeans.

"Noo! Not the belt! Use your hand please!" I whine as he doubles it in his hand.

"Don't you argue with me. I told you the consequences and you didn't listen. Now drop your pants, bend over, and don't say another word." He commands.

I cry and do as he says.


 Being apart of the magcon tour is pretty stressful. More so when you are gay with a boyfriend and 2 boys that misbehave. Nash and Cameron have decided the only way to teach Matt and Shawn right from wrong is with a hard hand. This is the story all about how they lead the boys in the right direction.


This story contains spanking! Don't like? Don't read.

ShawniesMuffin_Hoe ShawniesMuffin_Hoe Oct 05, 2016
Whippings never worked for me. I would get in trouble at school and get swats for the principal than go home early and get a whipping from my mom. Go to school the next day and get the same damn treatment
ShawniesMuffin_Hoe ShawniesMuffin_Hoe Oct 05, 2016
Don't you never SMACK hit you lil sister SMACK again SMACK (done). Me; IM CALLING SOCIAL SERVICES ON YOU!"
                              Mom; I don't give a damn little nigga. You the one who going in the system not me. 
                              Me; sorry mommy love you
                              Mom; mmhmm love you too
ShawniesMuffin_Hoe ShawniesMuffin_Hoe Oct 05, 2016
Bruh he still lucky. If I was running in the rouse and injured myself my mom would be like. "Go get the alcohol." "Ma it's gonna be a bruise. That won't work."*says calmly* "WHO YOU GETTING SMART WITH? " "I'm not getting smart." "OH NOW YOU GOT AN ATTITUDE. NIGGA WHERE MY BELT AT! " #growingupblack
BlurredbyJoshler BlurredbyJoshler Jun 15, 2016
What did I just read :c
                              But aye it's was cool tho, I guess😂
ShawniesMuffin_Hoe ShawniesMuffin_Hoe Oct 05, 2016
It hurts for when you wet. Plus when my mom get into it she starts swinging with both arms and she ain't even got nothing in the other hand 😂😂
ShawniesMuffin_Hoe ShawniesMuffin_Hoe Oct 05, 2016
Lol after the first time my mom would be standing there all day on the other side of my door waiting for me to cuss. Bust up in my room like "WHAT THE HELL YOU SAY LIL MUTHA FUCKA