Love me Harder (Lesbian Stories)

Love me Harder (Lesbian Stories)

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Leona walked down the street staring at her iPod. Her earbuds caked inside her ears as they blared an unknown song by Disturbed. Her mind was clouded with school and her job. Working at the book store was pretty nice. All you had to do was just sit there, because its not very busy. 

She pushed open the door to a Subway as peeling her earbuds out. The place was empty except the cashier and another worker. A smile pulled at her lips. Leona liked not busy places, so you can guess she doesn't like school. 

"Sup Leona!" The worker yelled. 

"Hey Bobby." Leona responded responded to the dark skinned boy. Bobby goes to school with Leona but they don't talk very much. 

"What can I get you today?" He asked, putting gloves on. 

"Eh. The regular." She nods. 

"Alright." He pulling out a foot long wheat bread and puts on Turkey, Lettuce, shredded cheese and Ranch on it. Leona's stomach growled and complained for it. She grabbed a medium cup and hands the cashier the money. 

After grabbing her...

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0IslanderWarrior0 0IslanderWarrior0 Aug 19, 2017
Oh hell to the no. Eh whatever she's going to go for someone else anyways.
GamesGrazioso GamesGrazioso Aug 05, 2017
Lol I found out, that there's one person in the USA called, Dick Dick
MishFicsSAO MishFicsSAO Mar 24, 2016
Ew nudes aren't my thing. Unless they are from my crushes then ok, I'll consider it one time.
MishFicsSAO MishFicsSAO Mar 24, 2016
Ew you know he's a fückboi when he wants to go to McDonalds.
MishFicsSAO MishFicsSAO Mar 24, 2016
How you know by how they dress? They could be a stealer. A stealer that's going to steal your heart. And probably your virginity too.
cornet13 cornet13 Dec 21, 2016
Good descriptions so far, but one thing I have noticed is that you tend to jump around with your tense. 
                              Make sure to keep it consistent throughout the whole story, whether it be past tense or present tense. :)