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Street Boys - Septiplier

Street Boys - Septiplier

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Clouds Arcade By Klover16 Completed

Mark likes to walk the deserted streets of Ohio, he walks around midnight every Friday. He mainly likes to clear his head, because that's when he visits his father. His father is always drunk and abusive, his parents are divorced and he's forced to see him.

One night, he runs away from his father, and meets a hot and rich Irish guy. Does he fall in love with him, or does something he'll regret?

why must you make Tyler like this D: and Wade a bitch): OH AND YOU'RE * 
                              I'm sorry
I just wanna say that, WOW the roles are actually reversed this time!! Its always Jack that is abused and Mark thats rich, so WWOOW I CANT WAIT TO READ
I chocked on mah Capri sun now I have to get another shirt 😑
whiskywix whiskywix Nov 28, 2016
"I love the cold" Me: me too "my whole life is a pit of loneliness" Me: also me
Oh god It's a book with drunk minecraft references in the first chapter.
Wait-did he think they were cute couples or cute people? Bc I'm not gay (I wish) but I think gay couples are the most adorable thing in the world! Just sayin..