Safe In My Arms | Solangelo AU | Completed

Safe In My Arms | Solangelo AU | Completed

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troglodyte By sun_angel_ Completed

Nico hasn't had an easy life. First his mother died. Then his sister. But things have recently gotten worse: his boyfriend has turned abusive, and so he lives in constant fear.

Then Nico meets Will. Will helps Nico, and shows him that his life doesn't have to be a living hell. Nico is just starting to relax, when things go horribly wrong.

This is a mortal AU, which means they're not demigods.

Trigger warning: contains physical abuse, self-harm, swearing and homophobia.

Cover by @my_chemical_joshler

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Me, literally a percabeth, solangelo, and pernico shipper: everythING IS FINE
Isn't it obvious why Percy is the villin I mean it make sense because of Nico's crush on him and how it was almost mental abuse........
When their are warnings I’m like LETS READ IT as long as their are warnings I’m gonna read it
I fine with this stuff because then I know others are also dealing with it (even if they’re fake)
.... im excited for this 
                              but like also, im worried its gonna mess me up to have half my otp be the villian.
                              see yall in hell
honestly didn't have any problem with any of what you said until this... I'll still read though.