SSB X Reader One- Shots! 2 [HIATUS]

SSB X Reader One- Shots! 2 [HIATUS]

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Kanaya ❤💙💚💜 By Nintendo_Girl Updated Jun 09, 2016

The doors reopened in the famous Smash Mansion, and there you will encounter new and old faces. Friends, Best friends, and maybe even soon to be lovers?! 

You may be new, you may be a returner, but you are always a part of that big family.

EDIT: ON HIATUS (because currently making another book)


In honor of my other SSB book's one year anniversary, I would like to come back to Wattpad and start the SSB One shots once again!

((Note: I do Yaoi now yep, a Male Reader and a male character))


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SSB X Reader one shots belongs to me.

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*hits Roy with a newspaper* YOU ARE NOT SCROUGE
                              Roy:IM SORRRYYYYYY
ayyphraim ayyphraim Jun 26
I DESPERATELY need to have someone like Chrom to come up with such cheesy and yet utterly romantic lines.
Mikita_Zero Mikita_Zero Jun 15
That is me everyday. Either knocking things down or tripping down the stairs
ayyphraim ayyphraim Jul 11
Don't worry, dude, you didn't miss out on anything than literal eyerape
Scribbsley Scribbsley Jul 12, 2016
I didnt see a request page but i will give you my firstborn child if you write a sexy smutty ganondorf dominating a female reader. Pleeease?
nicolzine nicolzine Feb 25
Xander: the wind is at our backs....
                              Okay, but is your sword at your side?
                              (FE: Fates Conquest path)