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Lucidine, a drug that could save the world...or destroy it. 

Former ER doctor Grace Moran has been through a lot. After witnessing her husband's murder and barely surviving herself, she's left medicine and become a prisoner of her own house and mind. Until she wakes up in her old hospital, told that she has a brain tumor that can only be treated if she agrees to participate in an experimental drug protocol using Lucidine. 

Grace sees her brain tumor as a blessing rather than a curse. It's a chance for her to die and be reunited with her lost love, her soul mate, her husband. 

Before she can flee the hospital, she stumbles on two critically ill children whose lives are also at stake. Will Lucidine cure them or kill them? The three work to unravel the mysteries behind the experimental drugs and the strange effects it has on patients but unwittingly unleash a madman intent on murder. 

Their only allies are the ghost of Grace's murdered husband, a time-traveling Jesuit, and an ancient Irish warrior queen as they are pulled into a world where time is meaningless, fate is fluid, and love never dies....

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MarifheSunido MarifheSunido Apr 19, 2016
Curiosity hits me....okay then . I am going to read this one...:-):-)
georgiiboo georgiiboo Jun 22, 2015
In love with this!
                              If people could check out my work, I'd be so grateful. My first piece, Summer of '78, is now published, so go check it out and follow! Thanks :)
boxofroses boxofroses Jun 16, 2015
OMG guys I just read the First chapter of Skyla's Destiny on @mirrorsofmirrors and I'm in love with the idea
DistantDreams DistantDreams Jun 09, 2014
This book looks fantastic! I added it to my library and most certainly will be reading. You're a fantastic writer and I looked forward to getting into this!
IrmaHarmon IrmaHarmon Sep 04, 2013
I have read some great book, they were free you, you should try them
fveeda fveeda Jun 19, 2013
First book to b read by me on this site .... Hope ll enjoy iy