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Mischief ▷ Carlos De Vil [1] #wattys2016

Mischief ▷ Carlos De Vil [1] #wattys2016

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♡ larni ♡ By -dunbae Completed

"Who's that?" Carlos gawked, his and Jay's jaws dropping open.
"That would be my sister, Princess Clarissa, oh and do close your mouths, you'll catch flies." Ben said, rolling his eyes as his sister caught sight of them and flipped Audrey the bird. "Yep, that's definitely Clara."
Princess Clarissa was pretty different from the rest of Auradon Prep. The blonde would get a thrill from stirring up trouble and made a sport out of pranking people, especially Ben's snooty girlfriend, Audrey. Although with her brother's coronation fast approaching, Clara is warned to clean up her act and keep her nose clean, but that's a lot easier said than done when four of some of the most famous and feared villains' children turn up and Clara can't help but be drawn to them..

Disclaimer: I only own Clarissa and her storyline, all rights go to the creators of Disney Descendants

cover made by the incredible @GRANTGUSTlN

-Huckleberry -Huckleberry Nov 20, 2016
I actually hate Audrey, her character is so annoying, but in real life she plays in some cool movies/shows
CherishNalley CherishNalley Dec 30, 2016
There's something wrong with my brain, I keep reading words that aren't there.
CherishNalley CherishNalley Dec 30, 2016
I think she meant something else because even Pansy could top you
xParkSoohyun xParkSoohyun Nov 22, 2016
Nah. U ain't got anything magical abt u. The only magical thing is how Ben actually could stand your stink ass behaviour.
pastellx pastellx Aug 13, 2016
My name is Clarissa and people call me Clara for short or sometimes Clary cause TMI but you didn't need to know that
I agree with that...but, I think that's an insult towards trollface, even if it's...well...trollface......😐