next door » joshler [book #1]

next door » joshler [book #1]

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at two in the morning one tuesday, a boy runs into tyler's apartment without even knocking or anything and just starts begging to sleep there for the night. 

not that tyler's complaining, because a) he wasn't sleeping anyway and b) this boy was very cute. so naturally he lets him. in the morning they find out theyve somehow managed to live next door to each other for three months unknowingly. 

at least they finally met?

tw: attempted suicide / self harm / rape / drugs / some fuckin.. bad shit / smut / do i need 2 tag daddy kinks is that a thing

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jishswishes jishswishes Apr 30
I honestly don't even know why I'm reading this again I'm just gonna cry
*remembers the "lock the" jokes on Mark livestream of welcome to the game 2*
                              I'm gonna go die now, I'm such trash
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                              2am on a school night when I gotta wake up in 4 hours everyday is totally normal
i’m confused 
                              sometimes i get a girl crush but i’m mainly straight
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