Jocks and Nerds <completed>

Jocks and Nerds <completed>

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Chelsea W. By fourtris_obsessed Completed

Tris is a rich nerd that had no friends. She would rather keep her head in a book then have to go through a relationship that will end with someone getting hurt somehow. Nobody notices Tris so she is basically like a ghost to everyone except for her bullies and a popular guy. 

Four is everything golden boy, on the football team, popular. He has girls throwing themselves at him left and right but he doesn't pay attention to them, he only lays attention towards a nerdy girl. 

What will happen when their two worlds come together? Read more in Jocks and Nerds.

I don't own the divergent series!!!! 

Cover made by @tobiasfetish

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oluwatimileyin001 oluwatimileyin001 Sep 15, 2017
I swear the name four like who names there child four like brahh I am laughing so hard.
Tris_Tobias4610 Tris_Tobias4610 May 19, 2017
Anyone just starting on this book, it's the only and best divergent high I've ever read❤️
_Thornless_Roses_ _Thornless_Roses_ Dec 25, 2017
My names five and we are gonna get along just fine 😂😂😂
Tris_Tobias4610 Tris_Tobias4610 May 19, 2017
I lost my place in this book, and I don't remember bc it's been forever so I have to start over❤️😭😂
bimuffinspeaking bimuffinspeaking Nov 25, 2017
I saw a meme yesterday it said: A sixteen year old girl and an 18 year old boy meet each other
                              girl: Hi I'm Tris
                              boy: I'm Tobias 
                              *Long silence
                              girl: Did your mum read Divergent too?
Octaviaalive Octaviaalive Mar 06, 2016
What do u mean oh oh oh when nod your head yes but you wanna say no what do u mean??