Just A Bet (Matthew Espinosa)

Just A Bet (Matthew Espinosa)

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"Hey Matt." I looked over to where my name was being called. Cameron was waiting for me to come over, I walked to where he was standing.

"Hey bro, what's up?" I asked him. He pointed behind me. I turned around to see Haven standing next to her locker, with headphones in. 

"Haven. What about her?" I asked him.

"Want to mess with her? Really screw her up?" Cam asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked him, hesitant.

"Let's make a bet. I bet you can't make her fall in love with you." Cam said.

"I bet I can't either dude. That's impossible. We bully her, she hates me." I said. 

"Dude, are you blind? She already likes you. Here's the best part. When she really starts to fall for you, drop her and break her heart." He said.

"I don't know man.." I said.

"Come on man. Its just a bet. Like a game.." He said.

"..okay." I said.

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sourwolfss sourwolfss May 15, 2017
Daddy!!! 😍😍😍💦💦👅👅👅 w...wai..... I.... uhhhh.... I mean Sammy.
babyjaxmin13 babyjaxmin13 Nov 27, 2017
That song was for bella Thorne he wrote it after they broke up
babyjaxmin13 babyjaxmin13 Nov 27, 2017
I would be like honey i still got my v card and yours well u dont have it so bye slut 😂
espinosaluv23 espinosaluv23 May 09, 2017
I hope this isn't Andrea russet because I love her she's so funny
sourwolfss sourwolfss May 15, 2017
Damn, I would fina take my fücking books and shït and hit dat bïtch in her fake aßß face!
DolanArmy_Tish DolanArmy_Tish May 07, 2017
I love how all the slûts don't think they are one but their legs have been opened more times then automatic door.