He could be the one (jace Norman)

He could be the one (jace Norman)

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ValentinaValdez4 By ValentinaValdez4 Updated Aug 10, 2015

Hi my name is valentina im 17 and i live in California i like to surf play football play basketball oh what else i have 5 brothers I'm the only girl oh yeah i love henry danger this is how i meet jace Norman 

I was at the beach with my cousin and we where play football she threw it far and i meet him

Valentina- i got it 
(But this cute boy got it) you got it 

Cute boy- i thing this is yours (gives me football) hi im jace Norman 

Valentina- i had to act cool hi im valentina 

Jace- valentina that is a beautiful name 

Valentina- thanks 

Jace- you play football 

Valentina yeah when you live with 5 boys you pick up a thing or 2 

Jace-wow a cute girl who can play football (smiles)we should hang out sometime (gives me his number)

Valentina-yeah (give him my number) 

Jace- it was nice meeting you 

Valentina-you to (walking away) 

Jace-(talking to him self)wow she was cute 

Valentina pov

Did i mention im a tomboy and i dance

Hey sorry it is so long tell me what you think