why me? | phil lester x reader

why me? | phil lester x reader

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you grew up in london. it was time that you moved to a different flat. you have a flat mate, your best friend. you grew up together. you've been a big phan of dan and phil for years. you've always had a crush on phil. you thought it was crazy you grew up in the same city. you didn't think you would ever meet dan and phil. 

but why did he choose you?


warning: cringy

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For me I would be the only girl since the best friend I'm adding in this story is my best guy friend Josh so in this sleepover it would be me and 3 guys
Cellantry Cellantry Jul 26
Oh God is he gonna be a dad and make sure we don't hurt Phil? That sounds like something he'd do tbh
Dan_Phan Dan_Phan Sep 11
Thank you Dan! Wait... I didn't say anything about watching you for years... Stalker
Dan_Phan Dan_Phan Sep 11
*facepalm* Whelp. There goes my hope of this turning out good
audrey_theshipper audrey_theshipper 3 days ago
I thought that said ‘you woke up on dan and Phil’s crotch’ and I was super confused. XD
Green. Oh yes. It's not a creative color you say? Tell that to Mother Nature you demonic bread child.