why me? | phil lester x reader

why me? | phil lester x reader

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you grew up in london. it was time that you moved to a different flat. you have a flat mate, your best friend. you grew up together. you've been a big phan of dan and phil for years. you've always had a crush on phil. you thought it was crazy you grew up in the same city. you didn't think you would ever meet dan and phil. 

but why did he choose you?


warning: cringy

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LeHamiltrash LeHamiltrash 6 days ago
eww make up
                              and i aint straightening my hair, it would take hours and curl back up after about half an hour
I feel like my friend Mikey or Tyler would do this for some reason like
If this happened to me irl I wouldn't be able to freaking move how the heck can i even speak?
My friend uses the pronoun “they” but I’ll just imagine it says that
How the hell am I not going “bye”, walking back to my flat, and screaming as soon as I close the door?
MadeCrazy MadeCrazy Jan 21
Tf is everyone doing |-/ for
                              Ahaha I'm just kidding