Unexpected Love (Seventeen Seunghan)

Unexpected Love (Seventeen Seunghan)

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Everything on hold By Canadian_Kpop Updated Oct 28

Jeonghan had always thought he was straight, but what happeneds when one his best friend kisses him, and he likes it? This kiss makes him realize that he has feelings for a different friend of his.

With two members of Seventeen already out as being in a relationship, what will the group think of this?

How will Jeonghan's best friend who kissed him feel?

(Second book of my seventeen stories.)

SATAN KNOCK SENSE INTO MY DELUSIONAL BIAS (I'm a catholic and I feel like I sinned but I don't really care since he insulted my other bias and myself)
__Smaug__ __Smaug__ Aug 07
Omg, me too. I mean, who does? Even the people who love school get this feeling when they just want to punch the teacher in the face.
I actually imagined Seungcheol saying that if he ever herd what Joshua said 😂
Boy. You. Wanna. Fight. I'm. Not. Scared. To. Hurt. That. Pretty. Face.
__Smaug__ __Smaug__ Aug 07
Everyone else has commented what I was gonna comment so I'm just gonna say same and continue reading