His Personal Secretary | very slowly editing

His Personal Secretary | very slowly editing

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Cali Wilson desperately needs money. She had her father's gigantic gambling debt and 4 months overdue rent to pay. When she saw a job opening that offered a place to stay and your choice of salary, she immediately applied. She expected her debt to be paid, but what she didn't expect was her life to be turned completely upside down.

Meet Christian Wright, the only son and successor of Wright Corporations. Born with the brains, the looks, and the money- he was the total package. 

Except there was one problem: his personality. Not only was he rude, self-centered and arrogant, he also had an extremely short temper. Employees were fired for little things like being a minute late to a tiny typo in a report. Everyone in the company knew about his horrible personality and avoided him as if he was the devil himself. When his personal secretary is fired for the 3rd time that month and nobody wanted to be the replacement, the Human Resources department had no choice but to give an outrageous offer just to get someone on the job as soon as possible.

What will happen when these two are brought together?

#3 in Romance [05.03.16]

**Be warned, this story needs severe editing and I haven't gotten around to it yet so you have been warned! ;)

2cutenhot 2cutenhot Aug 04
So i c everybody should hold noses cause the only we fear is ur breath. Mints do exist fam use dem
This is the best story.....I am reading it for the 2nd time.....
PaandaLuvz3 PaandaLuvz3 Sep 02
But other than that love it so far. Iv'e only read the first chapter but love it so far!!  Keep up the good work! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😊😊
PaandaLuvz3 PaandaLuvz3 Sep 02
Nice.  Richard was so annoying though. I would've beat him up before the cafe got even more destroyed. 😋👍👍👍🐻🐻
anucool3010 anucool3010 Sep 12
Some people like richard are pure evil and his father is a coward...
2cutenhot 2cutenhot Aug 04
Yea n now she can't repay u cause she ago lose her job. I c the logics