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"I Don't Need Your Help, You Don't Need Mine" | Dark Pit x Reader

"I Don't Need Your Help, You Don't Need Mine" | Dark Pit x Reader

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HIISSSSSSSSS By _jet54 Updated Jul 12, 2016

Pit and the crew come across a village in a.....unique situation.

They have been taken over by Hades forces. In order to solve this, they need a certain item, however, there's only one in existence.

And its owned by a girl with (H/l) (H/c) hair, (e/c) eyes, and wears a green cloak and a pair of leather boots. 

....And well....

She didn't really want to cooperate. 
"We can help you with anything, if you give it to us."

"help me?" She scoffed, "I Don't need your help, You Don't need Mine. We have nothing to compromise. Besides, those people are long gone, No use in helping them."

"How could you be so heartless?" Pit gasped.

"Heartless...Heartless? You don't even know what those people were like before they got taken over." She mumbled, "I protect this forest, now leave me alone, before any of Hades forces come over." The girl hissed, before slamming the door. 
And this girl, has caught Dark Pit's interest. 
Dark Pit simply nods, still staring at where you used to stand, smiling silently to himself.

"I guess she isn't so bad after all."
By: _Jet54

Sutekiseki Sutekiseki Mar 24, 2016
Just accept that they won't stop.
                              In other worlds deal with it
HoneySquirrel171 HoneySquirrel171 Oct 07, 2016
just accept the fact they would never stop calling you pittoo
_DeliriousWaffle_ _DeliriousWaffle_ Jan 25, 2016
I love this story! But you know I must ask.......
                              .......where did you get dat cover pic?? I must find it =D
DoubleDareExE DoubleDareExE Nov 08, 2015
Just ignore it, they'll keep saying, but Dark Pit well ignore it
HetaliaLove10 HetaliaLove10 Oct 27, 2015
I looked at the decricption and it said girl with ( h/c ) hair and ( e/c ) eyes and a green cloak with Brown boots
                              I screamed
                              WTF SHE'S ON ATTACK ON TITAN!! FIGHT TITANS GURL!!!!
Js_Master Js_Master Sep 07, 2015
Just accept the fact that they aren't gonna stop calling you 'Pittoo' Dark Pit.