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Astronomicon: Icarus

Astronomicon: Icarus

33.8K Reads 4K Votes 38 Part Story
Paul Vincent By Astronomicon Completed

( REVAMPED in 2016 )

The epic Astronomicon Universe continues to grow with this standalone novel telling the story of the Icarus. Set in 2078, whilst working the Trojan asteroid cloud, Captain Taylor and the crew of the deep space mining vessel Icarus discover a mysterious prototype ship drifting in space that has suffered a catastrophic failure.

Battling the dangers of the asteroid field, the Icarus crew attempt to rescue the survivors of the stricken ship. Meanwhile a vessel from Earth is coming to deal with the damaged prototype but with a conflicting agenda. After unwittingly discovering the bizarre secret of the prototype vessel, the crew of the Icarus end up fighting for their very survival.

This strong addition to the Astronomicon book series will appeal to fans of Science Fiction and thrillers alike.

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JamesWKerr JamesWKerr Nov 07, 2016
Cook looked like trouble. I suppose Pizza Hut does not deliver out there.
KenMagee KenMagee May 26, 2015
I feel drawn into the story already. You have a very 'casual' writing style, which is really easy to read and enjoy. Loved the doughnut humour.
Drumparag Drumparag Feb 28, 2015
Please help us believe that NASA is not just a bunch of political projects
Astronomicon Astronomicon Dec 17, 2014
Thanks for your interest in my story. I'll try to post the next couple of chapters this weekend. The whole story is out on Amazon for 99c if you're interested?
Floyd_Chaffee Floyd_Chaffee Nov 07, 2014
Please do continue with your story, it really piqued my interest, I gotta find out what happened to the lost crew.
Astronomicon Astronomicon Feb 19, 2014
I decided to re-edit the existing book. On closer inspection I decided there's really no point rewriting it.