teen wolf boyxboy one shots

teen wolf boyxboy one shots

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Scott and isacc have been dating for 6 months now. They still have not done it yet. Isacc isn't that kind of person that wants to have sex like every week. He just thinks he is ready to do it with scott because they have been together for a while.

It was friday and Isaac was getting ready to go home he grabbed his bag. He wanted to talk to scott about doing it yes its a awkward conversation to have but he needed to know.

Isaac p.o.v

"Hey scott" i saw scott walking down the hallway with his friends stiles and danny.

"Whats up, babe" he started to walk over as danny and stiles left 

"Can i talk to you"

"Yah sure, what's up" he had a worried look on his face

"Its just, i mean"

"What is it isacc"

"I dont know how to put this"

"Just tell me" he looked like he wants to cry

"We have been together for 6 months and we haven't done it yet, do i just not turn you on"

"Isacc you are as sexy as can be, we haven't had sex yet because i want to pick a good time to do it"

"I know i want i...

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WastingTillNext WastingTillNext Jun 26, 2017
What it's worse is she would probably do that because she's a sweetheart 💖
Momma McCall is everything tho 😍 I cried when stiles called her mom