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Mori x Reader: A Flower From The Strong-Silent Type

Mori x Reader: A Flower From The Strong-Silent Type

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Astral Light By shyanimefangirl Completed

You are a quite unspoken girl who transfers to Ouran when you move back to Japan. You get lost and find empty music room. You open the doors and rose petals fly everywhere. Suddenly 6 boys are there to greet you. You notice a tall dark haired boy and stare at him. He seems familiar. Finally you remember! Morinozuka Takashi. He squires at you and finally remembers you. He hugs you and spins you around. What is you relationship with Mori senpai?

hiya guys!!! Is anyone and Ouran fan? This book will be featuring Mori senpai and your love story. I personally love ohshc and it was one of first anime's I have watched. I hope you guys like my book!
also be warned...i did not edit this so there are spelling errors...I'm human ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

hunny2487 hunny2487 2 days ago
Messing with me and my friends is a no no.... yay I love hunny
supersaiyansam supersaiyansam 4 days ago
Oh yeah..... I forgot that there were 4 other people in the room..... my bad
odbodkins odbodkins Jun 09
Jesus fück we're like six years old and all we were doing is playing on the fücking monkey bars calm yo tïts
supersaiyansam supersaiyansam 4 days ago
I only know how to box..... I don't know all this fancy stuff! *hides in corner*
Tell me something why would that bully grab her by the hair and threaten to slit her throat when he could have gotten away when honey threw the first punch
That's their last names..
                              Chu probably took Haninozuka as a first name and Mitsukuni as a surname..